As an investment company, we seek opportunities in the blockchain space by performing due diligence on projects in relation to their team, the project’s traction and the underlying technology.


We then manage our assets as the project matures, adopting rigorous ‘City’ discipline when it comes to liquidating our positions.


Issuer’s name:

KR1 plc


Corporate Advisers:

Bridgewater (IOM) Limited

4th Floor, Queen Victoria House, 41-43 Victoria Street,

Douglas, Isle of Man, IM1 2LF


Peterhouse Corporate Finance Limited

New Liverpool House, 15 Eldon Street,

London, EC2M 7LD



Incorporated in the Isle of Man company no. 015310V



George McDonaugh (Director)


Keld van Schreven (Director)


Simon Nicol (Director & Secretary)


Required documents are available below.

Investment Strategy:

KR1 invests in digital and cryptographic assets of decentralised networks at an early stage (pre-ICO), at ICO or in secondary markets and holds these assets until those reach more mature, chosen valuation for the project. The Company brings 'City'-discipline to exiting our positions and puts the proceeds from profitable projects back into further investments. KR1 also seed funds early-stage blockchain companies and holds private equity long-term.


Tradable securities in issue:



Particulars of any outstanding instruments:



Substantial shareholdings:

Vidacos Nominees Limited - 33,289,473 - 26.24%

Lynchwood Nominees Limited - 9,086,837 - 7.6%

Hargreaves Lansdownn (Nominees) Limited - 8,756,190 - 6.9%

R B Rowan - 6,209,649 - 4.89%




KR1 PLC (KR1:AQSE) | 4th Floor, Queen Victoria House, 41-43 Victoria Street, Douglas, Isle of Man, IM12LF |